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Send us a message with all your inquiries and we’ll get back to you soon as possible! Below are some FAQ’s just incase.


Mainly MAC, Georgic Armani and other high quality products.

Yes, I include individual lashes for all my Makeup Applications.

There’s a 30 percent charge of the original if cancellation is less then a week before the oppointment, otherwise no charges apply. Reason being, it protects my appointments from being compromised and unnecessary cancellations with potential clients to avoid empty bookings. It’s isn’t fair to you or my self, that’s the reason this policy exists.

The Makeup Application package usually takes no more then 45 minutes while the VIP Makeup Application package usually takes an hour and 30 minutes.

The Makeup Application package involves the same High Quality products with lashes and face countouring included while the VIP Makeup Application package is all of the above with Makeup for your body and body contouring added.

One Makeup training session takes one hour per session. I like to take my time and show you all the tricks and as much as possible so that you’ll be fully comfortable with all the techniques.

For the One on One you’ll just need a total of 2 sessions and for the Group training it’s a total of 3 sessions.

We can use Whatsapp locations on your mobile, Google Maps or just the old fashioned way by phone.

We accept only cash on the day of your booking.

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