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Makeup Lessons in Dubai

Makeup for VIPs offers lessons in Dubai and across the UAE for those who are interested in and are enthusiastic about makeup application at an experienced or professional level.

One on One Makeup Lessons

Why should you wait for a special occasion to look your very best? Make a stunning impression every time you step out by enrolling in our makeup courses offered in Dubai and across the UAE. No matter what your knowledge and skill is, we offer lessons that cater to everyone’s needs ranging from beginner to advanced levels. With our makeup courses, you yourself can get a look that is as professional as any professional artist in Dubai and the world.

You dress to the occasion and your makeup should also be suited for the same. Our lessons are adapted as per your interests. You get to experiment with new looks that you have never tried before due to uncertainty regarding whether they would suit your style. Get tips that are specific to your style type, the colours that you should opt for and the ways to enhance your beauty. Learn about different types of products, tools, techniques and how to apply them correctly. You no longer need to worry about mismatching your dress with your makeup. Become knowledgeable about the right makeup for specific occasions. Master every look and find the best one for each event you attend. If you are looking for makeup lessons in Dubai and across the UAE we will come straight to you at your door step. You need to look nowhere else.

Group Makeup Lessons

There is no better way to hang out around Dubai with your friends than getting to learn a few makeup lessons. Learn about different types of makeups and styles that are best for different occasions including those for day and night. You will get to know the correct procedures and techniques for their application. The lessons offered by us in Dubai and across the UAE can be customised for you and your companions depending on your interests.

The course can be focused on one aspect related to the makeup or it can be a comprehensive one that contains knowledge of each and every style. The duration of the course will depend on your choices and styles of interests. Our makeup lessons are informative as well as interactive and fun. We provide suggestions to help you recognise the best makeup that will suit your face and the most important points to remember for applying it specifically to your face and styles of choice. Get to know different looks that suit you the best and also the ones that is ideal for your companions. With this knowledge, you and your friends will help each other out during the courses you undertake in Dubai or other regions of the UAE in case of emergencies at special occasions when there is no time to hire a professional makeup artist.

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